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I'm so excited!

It's been a fun-filled week in My Happy Place - I've made cards, a basket and 2 cute boxes for Easter goodies taught by my lovely and talented friend, Wendy and continued with my Wanderlust course.

My exciting news??? I have been commissioned to make 2 large baby photo frames and matching cards. My very first order! I'll be starting them both tomorrow at least the painting of the frames. I'm making one for a boy and one for a girl - the girl frame needs to be completed by 8th April (just before John and head over to WA for a lovely holiday).

One of my work colleagues, Danni, started maternity leave on Friday and eagerly awaits the arrival of her son in 2 WEEKS time! Oh, gosh, gone are the days you left work at 7 months pregnant, that's for sure! All the best, Danni and John. xx

I painted a canvas as part of the baby's present. It's in the style of Mindy Lacefield. So pleased with how it turned out.

Here's my Easter basket and boxes. Such a fun class! Thanks Wendy for sharing your talents.

My latest cards using Uniquely Creative's February Stamp & Colour Kit.

Loving the bunnies!

Check out my latest Wanderlust 2018 creations by clicking HERE.

Until next time,


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