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Another trip around the sun

The realisation hit me the other day after celebrating my 62nd birthday, I need to embrace my age and celebrate my life in the sixties! I am growing older but, hey, that's life, right?

In the big scheme of this world we live in today, I'm grateful for so many great people in my life and the opportunities that have come my way! Thanks must go to my husband, John, ever patient and supportive - I could not do what I do without you. We are lucky to have celebrated our 43rd wedding anniversary in August. We make a good team.

When your kids are young you may often wonder how they'll turn out as adults. I pondered on this quite often. Well, John and I must have done something right as our boys, Daniel and Thomas are just the best. They both have grown into amazing men. Our daughter-in-law, Renee is amazing, too. She is confident and talented and we love that she is part of our family.

My list of friends may not be huge but, WOW! what a list! I know I can rely on them all for their support and love. We share many interests, take care of each other and have lots of fun and laughs along the way. I love you all.

If I had to share just one positive thought today, I'd say:

If opportunity knocks, break the blinking door down and grab it with both hands!

Take risks, be curious, be courageous in all that you do.

Lastly, I am planning to have some more items for sale in my shop, right here on my website. I am working on some new products and I will also have a PRE LOVED CRAFT ITEMS section.

I invite you to sign up to my email list today so you don't miss my updates.

My niece, Linda, and her partner, Nick, welcomed the arrival of their second son, Max.

A little brother for Jack.

He's a cutie!

Lots of love,

Ngaire and Co xo

Take care of yourself, stay safe,

Until next time,


Ngaire xo

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