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Introducing Tara Jacobsen - Artsy Fartsy Life

Do you like to have fun in your art journal?

I do!!

After bouncing around You Tube for a while, I came across a lady named Tara Jacobsen. Her Youtube channel is called Artsy Fartsy Life and she creates these amazing magazine collage art pages.

Just for fun! Can you imagine?

Step 1: Take 1 magazine - find a body and a head (usually a bigger head), some pages to use for borders, a few friends, even some dogs!

Step 2: cut out all the images you want to use. Build your paper doll, create a background in your journal, add the secondary images, paint and doodle!

How easy is that?

Here's a few of mine...

So much fun to just sit and create without too much thinking involved! That's my type of craft.

Let me know if you try this sort of art journaling. I'd love to hear from you.

Here's a link to Tara's You Tube channel

Until next time,

Enjoy crafting, arting, or whatever makes you happy!


Ngaire xo


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