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After the Storm...

Spring in Adelaide often means changeable weather from one day to the next but what happened last Thursday was so unusual for us it does need documenting. Our weather gurus predicted we may get rain, thunderstorms and hail but I don't think anyone predicted what was about to happen.

Off I went to work, (I work in a primary school) after a few low rumbles of thunder early in the morning...

Around 10am the heavens opened and we were deluged with torrential rain for about 6-7 minutes. So heavy the gutters couldn't cope and the water was just sheeting down! The noise was loud and the students were having a great time watching from the windows or standing under cover.

Next thing, the sun was out and it was warm.

Just after Recess, when all classes were back inside, we heard these loud bangs on our tin roofs. Some of the older students thought we were under attack. We then realised it was hail - BIG hail - the size of golf balls and bigger.

Photo courtesy of Shannon Summers - Early Years class impromptu science lesson.

Now, those of you who live in Sydney or Queensland would be used to hail like this but Adelaide usually gets tiny hail.

I am grateful for the following things:

  • At school and at home, we were all safe

  • I wasn't driving in this weather

  • Anything damaged or broken can be fixed or replaced

  • My Happy Place (my craft studio) was safe!!

At home, we sustained some damage:

  • verandah roofs

  • skylights

  • TV antenna

  • solar hot water panels

  • car - panels damaged but no glass broken

The lightning photo and the hail on ground photo courtesy of 7 News Adelaide

Many of our produce farmers have had major damage to the crops. We do need to support them in any way we can!

Onto some exciting news...Etsy shop sale! Coming soon...

Watch this space....

Until next time,


Ngaire xo


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