Wanderlust 2018

Looking for inspiration in your art? Do you want to try new techniques and dabble in mixed media? Do you need a challenge?

I recommend Wanderlust 2018!

A year long journey in mixed media hosted by Jamie and Kasia Avery and a team of wonderful teachers not to mention a great and supportive community. 

Why don't you have a look and see if you'd like to join? Click on the /Wanderlust 2018 picture!

Here's my first art journal page with my word for this year.

The next photo is my dynamic papers - a great lesson from Kasia

The last photo is another art journal page: 

Week 1 - Paths and Roads - Jamie's first lesson

During the year I'll share some of my art work on this blog. 

You can subscribe by going to my Home page and entering in your details. 

Week 2 - Michelle Turbide Discovering the Path

So many layers! It was fun and sometimes frustrating creating this piece. Michelle talks about finding our touchstones and trying intuitive painting. 

This piece sat in my craft room for a few days before I knew what it needed. 

Even turned it upside down. 

I've titled this piece: Awakenings 

Week 3 - Jennifer Lee - Trusting the Path

Week 3 was all about mandalas. Firstly, we created a bloom mandala. It was quite relaxing cutting out all those circles. This one is on a canvas. 

Next, was a compass mandala following our monthly theme of Paths and Roads. I like the symmetry of both my pieces. The compass mandala is in my art journal. I'd love to try a mandala on a black background! 

One of the things I love about Wanderlust is the diversity in the lessons. The teachers shoe you different techniques and talk about how they create but you know what? You don't have to follow them and you can interpret each lesson as you like. That's the freedom of mixed media!

Week 4 Kasia's A Life in Your Hand - Past, Present and Future. 

Included some collage, poetry and doodling. A fun activity!

Week 5 and we have a change of theme:


Jamie and Kasia took us on an excursion to Bamburgh Castle in Northumberland, UK. We were encouraged to use watercolour paints and sketch and paint a castle or a subject related to castles. 

We don't have many historical castles in Australia! 

One of our Wanderlust members shared a selection of songs and music with a castle/ king/ queen theme to get us in the mood. 

I immediately thought of my favourite musical, Les Miserables - and Colette's song: Castle on a Cloud. I also included the lyrics to the song in my jounal page.

The next Wanderlust challenge within the Castles and Turrets theme was to create a journal page using a brick texture. We were able to create this element how ever we wanted. 

As you drive through our Australian bush and country-side you'll often see old settler's huts or cottages. I took this inspiration and created what I imagined is part of a chimney from one of the cottages. 

I used mixed media paper, Distress Inks and Oxide inks, embossing powder. I distressed the edges of each piece and crumpled them up to add more dimension. I wish you could feel the texture!

Faces and People - what a challenging theme for me. Here's my drawing of Robin Williams from a lesson by Belinda Fireman.

We even had to draw it with the picture upside down!

It was to let go of the perfectionist in us and by golly, it worked!

I need loads of practice and I will continue to let go of my fears. 

Something I Feel Strongly About was the book prompt for this month.

I combined my love of Graphic 45 papers and Children's Education.

I have been passionate about children's education since my 2 boys were little and I have been lucky to be still working in the industry for over 20 years. 

It is a fulfilling career and I'm thrilled to be part of young people's lives and see them grow and learn. It's also an opportunity for me to learn new things and challenge myself, too.

Week 11 - Layers Love

Thank you Marlene Meijer-van Niekerk for a fabulous lesson in using our watercolour paints. 

I used my Gansai Tambi watercolour set. They have such rich colours. 

It was relaxing as I painted this page and following along with Marlene's videos.\

I highly recommend the Wanderlust Mixed Media year-long course! Just click the link on my Home page to find out more information. 

Mini Art Jar - Castles and Turrets

This is my Castle in the Clouds

I wrote a story that describes the magic within the walls.

Inside my castle it is warm and bright

The corridors are filled with children laughing as they make their way to class

My castle is magical 

As you walk around each floor your imagination turns it into your favourite place

and you spend a week experiencing all sorts of things 

Love the beach and ocean creatures? You can dive with whales, save sea turtles from extinction

Want to go on an African safari? Boom! You can see giraffe and lions - you are perfectly safe and so are the animals. No violence here!

What about a hot air balloon ride around the world? Off you go and have fun

Each experience is unique and they all happen at the same time


Children can be just children 

Care-free and happy…

A quick journal page for Book Prompts

Title: What Do I Love About My Life

I love spending time with my family and friends. Working full time in a job that I love. (OOPS I didn't actually add that to my page!) means I need to prioritise my time and focus on what's important. In our busy lives this can be hard and sometimes being together may just be watching TV or going for a walk. 

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