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Stories About My Mum...

Here is a scrapbook layout I made with a photo of my Mum and her beloved fur baby, Kelly.

Mum and Dad found Kelly in a park in Bathurst, NSW (where they lived) all alone, no owners or people around. Mum and Dad tried to find the owners but no one came forward so Kelly became part of their family. Mum and Kelly were inseparable for many years, loving car trips into town, spending time in the garden. She brought so much joy to my Mum and it was such a sad day when the time came for Kelly to cross the Rainbow Bridge.

Mum took a long time to get over losing Kelly.

Mum loved collecting all sorts of things and dabbled in a lot of different crafty pastimes.

She was an avid knitter and would knit watching TV or as a passenger in the car. She hated sewing the pieces of a cardigan or jumper and would put these aside to start a new project.

Mum loved reading and a couple of her favourite authors are: J.R.R. Tolkien (The Hobbit and Lord of the Rings) and Anne McCaffrey (Dragonriders of Pern). Mum was known as "The Dragon Lady" for more than just her love of dragons! haha

Mum learned to play the piano when quite young (beginning around 10 yo) and always enjoyed playing for church services, Men's singing group that Dad belonged to) and also playing the church brogan in the Bathurst Uniting Church). I do have her exam certifications and her metronome but unfortunately, not her piano.

Mum was a staunch Royalist and was lucky enough to meet a few members of the Royal family on their trips to Australia. Her favourite Royals are Elizabeth, The Queen Mother and Queen Elizabeth II - I like to think my Mum meets up with The Queen Mother every month for high tea. I wonder if Prince Philip joins them now?

Other crafty passions Mum had were: leatherwork, card-making, petit-point, and miniatures. She even had a replica of 1 George Street, Bathurst made as a doll's house, fully furnished including people. It was a huge doll's house and after Mum passed away, the Bathurst City Council purchased it to display in their building. I made miniature crochet bedspreads, doilies and Afghan rugs for some of the rooms.

Mum introduced me to card-making especially gold embossing and I've loved this hobby ever since!

Mum was fun loving and a big kid at heart. She loved Christmas, lollies and having fun! Mum and Dad enjoyed their retirement in Bathurst where they were able to continue their hobbies and interests in a country setting.

Sadly, Mum passed away in 2007 just after Mother's Day - so today, Mother's Day 2021 I send all my love to her and miss her every day. I wish we could have just another day for some craft!

Love you Mum. xo


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