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Stories about my Dad...

Why was I named Ngaire?

This is the story Dad told me and he never wavered from this explanation.

When my Dad was about 4 years old he had a friend in Kindergarten named Ngaire.

He loved the name and knew one day, if he had a daughter he would call her Ngaire.

I'm the youngest of three children - my brother, Tim, is 5 years older than me and my sister, Bronwyn, is 4 years older.

When Bronwyn was born, Dad asked Mum, "Can I call her Ngaire?"

Mum liked the name but said, "If this is my only girl I have I'd like to call her Bronwyn"

Dad was happy enough, (we think!) so when I arrived Dad said straight away, this is my Ngaire!

Dad and I had a wonderful relationship as I was the 'baby' of the family.

Yes, I probably got away with more than Tim or Bronwyn!

The name Ngaire has origins from the Maori culture in New Zealand and depending on what you read it means 'flaxen', 'silver fern', 'little white flower'.

It can be pronounced in a few ways - Ny-ree or Nah-ree are the 2 most popular ways. I do answer to a few more!

Dad used to call me 'Nize' for short - I really hated that but today, I wish I could hear him say that!

Here's a layout I made a while ago with Dad celebrating his 74th birthday.

He would be turning 95 this year. Love you Dad and miss you every day! RIP 29/3/26-28/8/07 xoxoxoxoxo

Until next time,


Ngaire xo


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