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Down the Rabbit Hole called Pinterest

Do you spend hours trolling through Pinterest looking for all sorts of what ever takes your fancy?

Me, too!

I visit Pinterest usually late at night when I'm watching TV - sometimes with a purpose but more often than not, just aimless searching and pinning, searching and pinning. I swear I'm only on it for 3 minutes but then I look at the clock and 3 hours have gone! Tell me, please that this happens to everyone?

I'm often on the look out for interesting card designs to try and make and today's blog post focus is on:


A big shout out to Sandy Hancock on Pinterest - I used Sandy's instructions to create my 2 cards I'm sharing today.

You can find many, many more examples on Pinterest!!

The card looks complicated but it really is quite simple to make.

You start with an 8" x 8" square of card stock and score at 4" top to bottom and left to right. Score diagonally and cut along the red line. See template photo.

You need to cut 3 x 3.75" squares of either card stock or patterned paper or a mixture of both. 2 of these squares will be cut in half. See photos as a guide for placement.

Next, take a 3" x 6" piece of card stock and fold in half. Place a circle die so it is just overlapping the folded edge. Run through your cutting machine and then fold the top circle in half. This piece becomes your pop up piece.

Decorate using sentiment and embellishments as shown in photos.

This card does fold up ready to post in either a standard D6 (business) envelope or a hand made square envelope.


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