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as 2019 ends I look forward to...

Hello, friends,

2019 is drawing to a close, only 2 more days!

My memories of this year are varied, as life usually is, don't you agree?

I have happy memories around spending time with family and good friends - whether it was interstate travel or enjoying some creative time with like-minded people.

As a close group of friends, we have laughed at the movies and lots of High Teas and cried when parents have passed away. We've supported each other in the hard times and celebrated together as we focus on the good times.

Friends who have welcomed a new grandchild to our world. Wedding bells and engagements, too.

What could make you more happy!

John and I enjoyed another visit to Western Australia this year - a place we love!

We continue to dream of retirement, perhaps to WA?

Recently, my sister's grandson was bitten by an Eastern brown snake (one of Australia's most deadly) Thankfully, Jack is fine and all reports from doctors say it was a 'dry bite' - no venom involved. That definitely was a scary time for all concerned.

In My Happy Place (aka my craft studio) is where I relax and enjoy some 'me-time' or a fabulous day with friends.

In my last blog post for this year I'll share some photos of Jack in the helicopter and some of my art.

My wish for 2020...for you all to be happy and fulfilled in whatever you choose to do!

I'll sign off 2019 with this quote:

Be brave enough to be bad at something new - Jon Acuff

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