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This week in My Happy Place

Good evening, friends! It's been a busy time in my craft studio this week as I try to catch up on some of my Wanderlust lessons, Mission Inspirations and other paper crafts I love.

Trying to keep up with lessons used to stress me out but now I just keep moving forward with each week - as long as I'm creating and learning it doesn't matter!

My Happy Place is a sanctuary for me where I can spend some time happily making a mess, experimenting and enjoying the company of like-minded friends.

I watched a You Tube video about not getting stressed about the quality of our own art. One quote I loved: Do the art, let it go!

(for the life of me I cannot find it now!)

Here are some photos of my latest creations.

I've even started making my Christmas cards!

Happy creating,

Until next time,


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