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Who Did I Meet This Week?

On Wednesday I had the privilege to attend a mixed media art workshop taught by DINA WAKLEY!!!!!

Dina is a mixed media artist from Arizona, USA and my friend, Wendy and I had a fantastic time in her Facing the Facts class.

The Workshops were hosted by Natalie May Scrapbooking in Adelaide, south Australia. Big shout out to Natalie for bringing Dina to Adelaide.

Dina shared a few funny stories about her life and her art journey including up until 2010 she kept saying "I can't draw" and decided to teach herself. Dina shared her thoughts about devotion - to get better at anything we need to devote time every day to practise! How true that is! Do something for 100 times and you'll improve.

Some quotes from Dina:

Gesso is underwear for art

The answer is YES

Everyone can draw

All the participants were made to feel welcome and Dina encouraged us to face our fears and have a go. She is such a warm and friendly person!

I came away so inspired to continue to challenge myself in my art.

Hopefully, I'll get to go again next time Dina visits Australia.

Here's a few photos from the day.

Until next time,

Seize the day!



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