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Rain, rain go away...from the city to the country for our farmers

We've had some rain in Adelaide today. Not enough and not where it's desperately needed. The southern parts of Australia are in drought making it tougher for our farmers. Many are now trucking in feed which costs them an arm and a leg to feed their animals. We are half way through winter with little or no rain in the affected areas. Queensland and New South Wales are the most affected.

Photo: Megan Kuhn

The Liverpool plains (NSW) have suffered seven years of below average rainfall, leaving farmers few options.

Dean Sewell - On the road with Need For Feed

Disaster relief, hauling fodder for drought stricken

communities in the Northern Hunter region. (NSW)

In My Happy Place I've been busy in my craft studio finishing some commission pieces (cards) and a baby present for a teacher who is now on maternity leave. I love spending time creating art by just playing with different mediums and lots of colour. I've recently purchased some Daniel Smith watercolours and created a bouquet of flowers.

Have you heard of Gelli Plate printing? It's often called mono printing because each print is different and cannot be replicated. One of my challenges this year is to create on larger substrates.

Here's my efforts using my gelli plates, stencils, mark making tools, pens and acrylic paints.

One thing I need to remember to do is SIGN MY WORK! lol

My cards and baby gift will have to wait until future post .... they're still a secret!

Until next time,



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