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In My Happy Place this week...

After a long recovery from my winter cold I have a week off on school holidays. What a great time to spend in My Happy Place on my own and a couple of days with crafty friends!

As you know, I'm a member of Wanderlust 2018 (an on line mixed media art course). Since our holiday to WA I've got a tad behind in the lessons. So, this week I'm catching up!

Here's a couple of pictures of my latest art journal pages.

I've also been busy scrapbooking using up my stash.

Earlier this year I met Steven and Walter from Oshawa, Canada. Steven and Walter have a vlog every week and Steven is another creativator in the paper craft world. He has been learning how to quilt over the past few months and he's pretty good, too! Check out his You Tube channel.

He has celebrated a birthday recently and this is the card I made for him.

Some of my favourite You Tube channels are:

Inkie Quill - aka Adele Toomey

Let's Get Inkie - aka Adele Toomey

Mr and Mrs RAD - Aaron, Adele and Archer Toomey - family vloggers

Barb Owen - How to Get

Carolyn Dube - mixed media

James Burke - Jameslukeburkecreative

Jennifer McGuire

Nina Ribena

applelover53 - Scan N Cut

Who/what do you like watching on You Tube?

Until next time,

Have a wonderful week!




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