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Summer in Adelaide... In My Happy Place

Hello! Goodness, how on earth did we survive summers without decent air-conditioning? Over the past couple of days Adelaide has hit 42C. You could fry an egg on the concrete outside!

Luckily, we have great air-conditioning throughout our house and we didn't venture too far from home.

So I've spent a couple of days in My Happy Place and watching You Tube videos and TV. We have Netflix and Stan (pay TV) as free-to-air TV is terrible.

I recently discovered an American artist by the name of Robert Burridge.

Check out his You Tube channel (BobBlast) and web site! An amazing artist, Bob shares lots of tips and tricks and great information on painting with acrylic paints. Here's a couple of ideas I've learnt from Bob.

Carrot Figures

1st photo is some practice 2nd photo I've titled: Separation - watercolour background, acrylic paint

Titled: Separation (2018)

See you next time in My Happy Place.

- Ngaire

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