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It's beginning to look like Christmas...

Where does the time go? As we get older time seems to zoom past Why is that?

Are we just too busy these days? Many of us work full time, have family members in need of care whether they be grandchildren or elderly parents. We pursue our hobbies and interests, too. Mind you, I'm not complaining! I love my job, my family and friends and my hobbies.

I try to do something creative every day. I spend time with family and friends.

I support my hobby!

Last night and this afternoon I made time to make some Christmas cards. I know Christmas is the 25th December and I always think I have plenty of time to shop for presents, plan and prepare food, make cards etc. and then BOOM Christmas is here! are the results from my endeavours...

I used a card kit purchased from Uniquely Creative Kit Club available here in Australia (link below) It's the Mint Wishes kit. Makes card-making easy as it's all coordinated for you. There are six card designs to follow but as you'll see in my photos you can make many more cards with the left overs. Using card bases and punches from my supplies I made 12 more cards.

Why don't you pop over to their web site and have a look?

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