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Holiday Time

Aren't holidays great? If you are lucky enough to go away from home to visit relatives or see a new part of the world that's fantastic!

Where would you go? What would you see and experience?

I'm heading into a week's break from my job. You know the nicest thing?

No alarms, no bells, no schedule to follow.

Just a relaxing time spent at home. I'm planning to catch up with some friends and spend time creatively. It is Spring here in Australia and daylight savings has just started. This gives us longer daylight period in the afternoon to spend outdoors. Maybe I'll potter around in my garden, too.

Our beloved Adelaide Crows Australian Rules football team played in the Grand Final yesterday. The stage was set for a fantastic and hard fought game but it didn't eventuate. Our boys lost to a better team on the day.

Over the past month I've enjoyed my art challenging myself to try new things.

I meditate every day using an app called CALM. 10 minutes each day is a great way to keep centred and focused. I've managed to do this for over 100 days straight. I love the stories and the quotes, too.

The last photo shows presents I made for a work colleague who is expecting a baby very soon and the pink donut bouquet for a friend who has had an operation on her shoulder.

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