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The weekend that was...

It's Sunday afternoon as I type this blog entry. A wintery day in Adelaide - cold and windy but no rain (I think we'll still get some!)

It's my birthday today and I've had a lovely weekend with a family dinner, cake, presents, craft and cooking!

Handmade cards from friends, flowers, chocolate and a new giraffe cup, a bee sting cake - YUMMY.

This morning I had scrambled eggs on toast. Yes, I cooked but I love cooking so it wasn't an issue and we got to use up some of our chooky girl eggs.

I've spent lots of time crafting this weekend. Cards, layouts, planner, art journal pages. I belong to a Facebook group called Art Journal Prompts which is a great source of inspiration for my art journaling. These are 2 of my latest pages - the themes were Moroccan and Hearts. You can interpret the theme any way you want. Let your creativity just flow!

John has been busy disposing of years and years of paper work! This is part of our decluttering process. Oh, goodness, we did have a lot!

How would a handyman do this, you might ask?

Have an awesome week - wherever you go, go with all your heart! xx

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