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and so it begins...

One of the most frustrating and stressful parts of redecorating, moving rooms and utilising the storage space available is decluttering items collected over a period of 30 years or more. This is our family's challenge over the next few weeks as we get ready for new carpet, planning my new craft studio and reclaiming much needed storage space.

One strategy I am using is the KonMari method.

In a nutshell, you ask yourself "does it bring you joy?"

If yes, then keep it, if no, donate, sell or throw the item out.

We don't hang on to things; we hang to the emotions attached to those things.

Of course, I have items that belonged to my Mum and Dad that I'll never part with.

Have a look on the Internet. Get a hold of a book called "The Life Changing of Tidying Up" written by Marie Kondo.

I've begun by sorting out a section of our 'games room" -

*rubbish in the bin

*donation boxes

*keep items boxes

*items our 2 adult boys need to sort through

I've even discovered a couple of things I can use as presents.

I'm not one for spending hours/ days at a time to finish a task such as this as I have other more fun activities to do. So I set myself about an hour and a half today to at least, start!

What strategies do you use? What items do you find hardest to let go of? Are you a hoarder?

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