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In my craft room...

My last couple of weeks have been intertwined with illness. Firstly, John and I came down with a gastro bug and this past week I've been the recipient of a rather heavy head cold. It's still lingering - at times I feel OK and then BAM! congested, lethargic and not too happy!

Anyways, here in Australia we are enjoying a long weekend to celebrate Queen Elizabeth's birthday. It's rather funny as her real birthday is in April.

The majority of workers have Monday off.

I've spent today catching up with some of my art journal groups.

If you love to art journal or have been thinking about trying it out I recommend a couple of FaceBook groups:

Mission Inspiration (Mike Deakin)

Art Journal Prompts (Nina Ribena)

There are others, of course. Do a search...perhaps you can recommend some groups you like!

Here's the results from today.

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