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The Big Move

Who loves renovating? What are the biggest challenges you face? (Not including time and money)

For me, it's the reorganisation of rooms, the process of clearing clutter and yes, I'm a creature of habit - change does not sit well with me!

Well, today I am moving the contents of my entire craft room ready for John to paint and get ready for new carpet. Aargh, such a huge job. It's almost 9am and I have shouted myself breakfast in bed, watching You Tube videos, checking Facebook and emails.

Procrastinating? Me? lol

We (and yes, that's the royal WE) are painting and carpeting 2 bedrooms, hallway and our family room.

A big job - but I know it will be all worthwhile in the end.

A huge thank you to my husband, John. He makes all of this happen and has worked hard for many years on our house. Certainly saved thousands of dollars doing the work himself.

This might be the last major renovation project we do here. John needs a rest!

Wish me luck! Time to get moving...

BEFORE PICTURES was a mammoth task but apart from my desk and a couple of other containers it's all moved into the lounge room.

This next photo shows all my essential craft supplies so I do not get withdrawal symptoms over the next few weeks.

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