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Fire & Ice Twice! Or Then and Now...

Wanderlust 2016 - one of my first pieces of art I titled: Fire & Ice. A canvas painting using acrylics.

Wanderlust 2017 - a new challenge for March this year - an art journal double page spread using only 4 of my favourite supplies.

A bit of a challenge but so much fun!

I thought it might be an opportunity to share both pieces with you. Side by side and up close and personal!

What a journey the last 15 months have been for me. At times, so far out of my comfort zone I thought I'd never get back! Experimenting and learning and finding new ways to use my supplies.

There was a bit more of a twist with the challenge, too!

Wanderlust 2017 is a friendly community of like-minded people.

If you'd like to learn more about Wanderlust there is a link on my main blog page.

What do you think?

Send me a comment. I'd love to hear from you.

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