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Canon Selphy CP1200

Do you own a Canon Selphy? It's a neat little printer you can use to print out your photos for planners, Project Life, journalling, traveller's notebooks...

I've had mine for just a little while and I use it for my planner.

Today, I thought I'd share how to print 6 square photos - it's easy when you know how (-Dyan Reaveley)

Once you have set up your Selphy (the instructions come with the printer and are easy to follow so I won't go through these steps) you will need to download the PicFrame app and the Canon Print app to your iPhone.

I'm not sure about Android 'cos I don't have one!

Anyways, take your photos.

Open up the PicFrame app

Select 3:2 ratio

Tap a frame to access your camera roll

Select 6 photos

Move each photo around to fit into frame (if needed)


Now, you can either SAVE and the collage will be saved into your camera roll

OR you can go directly to the Canon Print app

If you SAVE your collage:

Open Canon Print app

Press Select and then Print

The image will look like it doesn't fit but it will be OK.

If you go to Canon Print app:


Other Apps

Select Import With Print


I hope this little tutorial helps you print out your fabulous photos in a mini size.

Please leave a comment or ask a question, I'd love to hear from you!

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