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Adelaide Cup Day Long Weekend

We are lucky in Australia to get a day off work for a horse race. We have Adelaide Cup Day in Adelaide, South Australia and in November, it's Melbourne, Victoria's turn with their Melbourne Cup Day.

Over the past week I felt I had lost focus both with work and craft. I guess it's normal so I gave myself some down time to rest and think about what's important to me and what I wanted to achieve over the next few weeks.

I'd been neglecting the household chores and decided to set a goal each week to start reorganising...

So far, I've tidied up the linen closet and the pantry. It's funny, once I make a decision I usually can get jobs done fairly quickly.

Of course, my reward is I can spend time in my craft room!

John's been busy with business paperwork (not his favourite job) and I've also sorted and filed lots of our household paid bills etc.

Feeling very accomplished tonight.

Here's what I've done in my craft room today.

Happy crafting and enjoy every moment.

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