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Keeping up the exercise


Oh, my goodness, it's so hot in Adelaide today! It reached 37C and was sizzling in the sun. Luckily, school buildings are air conditioned nowadays.

Last August, I made the decision to really start looking after myself and lose some weight and get a bit fitter.

I've tried before but always slipped back into my old habits. This time it's different...

I started with small changes - drink more water, exercise for 15 minutes, smaller serves of dinner...

My exercise of choice is walking. In the past, it was all the excuses under the sun...too tired, too hot, too wet,

my feet and ankles are sore (beginnings of arthritis, I think)

Not anymore, I have a treadmill. No excuses...I started with 15 minutes at 2kms per hour. Not fast but I did it - 5 times a week. I can now walk for 30 minutes without a break and at 3kms per hour.

I joined Weight Watchers online and track my food. I still eat my favourite foods (no takeaways) just smaller serves. I still go out to eat occassionally - I make healthier choices.

I don't overthink it! I just do it.

I'll let you in on a little secret....shhh...if I wrote a 'lose weight book' it would have 4 words in it.



It's simple BUT it can be challenging when you are fighting years and years of bad habits. For me, the biggest challenge is what happens in my head. Still working on that...

Do I lapse into old habits? Yes, but I don't beat myself up. I just make sure I'm on track the next meal, the next day.

13kgs down I'm feeling good.

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