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Happy New Year!

Hi, 2018 has arrived and I hope you all had a safe and happy start to a fresh year.

We had a fairly quiet one but I stayed up and watched the fireworks from Sydney on TV and listened to fireworks in our own area. Boy they were loud!

John and I are both on holidays and it is great to wake up at our leisure and not be tethered to the clock!

I'd like to share a quick video of the mini album I made for my sister, Bronwyn and her hubby, David for Christmas. They became first-time grandparents in 2017. He is already crawling and getting into mischief. What fun they'll all have together.

The basic album design is by Kathy Orta King from Paper Phenomenon - check out her You Tube channel.

Here are some photos of the cover and a couple of the pages inside.

I don't have a camera set up like other You Tubers. I held my iPhone in one hand while I went through the album.

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