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Let the decorating begin!

The painting is done! The carpet is laid! The new lounge is here! Wow! Can you tell I'm a bit excited...

It's Saturday and John and I spent this morning at Gepps Cross Home Centre - a wonderful collection of home decor stores all in the one place.

We visited Spotlight first and purchased curtains and tracks for one of our bedrooms, 2 sets of flannelette sheets and quilt cover, new pillow for John, cushions for new lounge.

I'm on a self-imposed "NO BUY JULY" which means NO CRAFT spending this month. I avoided the craft section in Spotlight. Yay me!

We also bought a cordless vacuum cleaner from The Good Guys.

On our way home we stopped in to a carpet and rug place and bought a rug for the lounge room.

We are looking forward to getting some pictures up on the walls, too.

I'm trying to convince John that we need 3 cushions on the lounge. Something to do with being more pleasing to the eye than an even number! (Same principle I follow when adding embellishments to scrapbook layouts or making cards).

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