Art Journals

What is Art Journaling, you might ask?

Well, it can be anything you want it to be.

A place to try new art techniques, it can be pretty, bold, grungy, simple or complex...

A place where you can bare your soul (you don't need to share your journal with anyone). A place to 'dump your brain' so to speak. I like to create journal pages that are personal to me, add a quote that has a message. Explore many different styles...I still haven't found 'my style' yet, maybe I never will, and that's OK, too.

I belong to a Facebook group called Art Journal Prompts. Each week members get a prompt which is used to inspire our page. For the first week we had to choose a word for the year. I chose BALANCE as I work full time and need to find a balance between work and home. 

Other prompts so far:

Texture, Take 2, Life Is...,Music, Fill your Heart, Believe, Spread Your Wings, Materials, Magic, Adventure, Sparkle, Use Your Scraps, Eastern Promise, Vintage, Step Into Spring, Magazine Clippings, Monochromatic, Take 5, Water Soluble

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